Fellow Patriots,

The Homewood Athletic Foundation is committed to providing resources beyond what the Homewood City School System provides. Coaches are able to present grant proposals, ranging from specialty equipment to competitive trips, to our board for funding consideration. A review of our grant awards (see Grant Awards section) reveal the depth and scope of the investments the Homewood Athletic Foundation has made in our student-athletes. Additionally, one-time scholarship awards of $1,000 for male and female athletes are awarded by the Homewood Athletic Foundation each year.

Our mission would not be possible without your continued support. We host several fundraisers during the school year — Jersey Night at the end of the summer, The Buddy Wade Memorial Golf Tournament in the fall, and Cornapalooza in the spring. We encourage you to consider an investment of financial support in our student-athletes through these events. Information about how to support the Homewood Athletic Foundation can be found in the “Get Involved Section” of our website.

Homewood is blessed to have a strong community with a passion for sports. Since 2014, Homewood has won 33 state championships and 14 state runner-ups! We look forward to the continued success of our athletic teams as we invest in our coaches and student-athletes, helping them reach their full potential in their respective sports.

Warm Regards,

Bo Hall

Homewood Athletic Foundation President